Parts and Accessories

We keep a regular inventory of all standard size Tempo replacement tarps. Posts, arch corners, arch middles, struts, post extensions, anchoring parts… We have it in stock!

Tempo-Clip Side Door
User friendly and ready. Helps shut door firmly and adapts to all Tempo models. Easy to install.
Permanent Anchor
Permanent anchoring system designed for strong winds.
Industrial anchors
For inserting and firmly attaching double car shelter posts into cement or concrete. Also ideal for preventing posts from sinking into the grass or soil.
U-shaped anchor with two 35 cm nails that you cross-stake into the ground. Included with most models. We strongly recommend adding guiding cables to solidify the installation.
Connecting flap
For linking your Tempo to your garage or home.
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Wirelock Attachment
For fastening your Tempo to your garage firmly and effectively.
Windsecure kit
Adds stability to your tarp in strong winds. Helps limit friction against the frame to prevent premature wear.
Pavement Protector
For inserting underneath the posts to prevent the car shelter from scraping your asphalt or paving stones, or sinking into the gravel or grass.
Guiding Cables
Add stability to your tarp in strong winds. Help limit friction against the frame to prevent premature wear.
Set of replacement screws for all Tempo sizes and models.
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150’ roll of rope to tie down the tarp or further anchor the car shelter.
Replacement elastics for the doors.
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Tarp Repair Kit
Small tear? We have a variety of tarp repair solutions.
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